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this is curl domination!

Hair Care = Self-Care
just like any other part of our self-care routines, women with natural curls and kinks deserve to experience joy and relaxation when they go to get their hair done or  do an at-home treatment--not anxiety and stress. 

less is mor
your hair routine doesn't need to be complicated,. and layering expensive products won't change your God-given curls or  hair health.. eliminate the fluff in your hair-care regimen and focus on what SIMPLY works. 

find your green thumb
 a cactus has different care needs than a palm or spider plant, your specific hair texture also has its own specific care needs.  the most luxurious thing you can do for your hair is gift it the RIGHT mix of mother nature's best ingredients.


Lingerie Model

our journey

IN 2013 MorCurls founder and licensed cosmetologist, Amaany Clarke, embarked on a journey to love and nurture her natural hair. Starting then named hair care brand Morkinks, she sought to provide other like-minded Black women a safe haven for transitioning from relaxers to their natural curls, sharing with each other protective styles and hair care tips that collectively revolutionized the Black Hair Care industry.

10 years later, that mission has evolved into                                           --a lifestyle and beauty brand providing home & spa services, education, and research for curls of all patterns and textures. 

It is our mission to create products and services that revive our faith in Black Hair Care, hold accountable the industry that's meant to serve us, and  find the joy in taking care of our hair no matter what state or style it's in. 

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