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Take the protective style guide quiz and match your score to one of the categories below.

0-10: Boho chic

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the least maintenance of them all? My ladies that scored between 0-10 are women after my own heart. Not only are you beautiful, fierce, stylish, and socially aware, but you are also truly free. You exude that sense of freedom with everything that you do whether it's the career path you've chosen, the personal life you enjoy, the clothes you wear, the brands you support, and yes the hair that you don. With that sense of freedom comes an innate confidence that prevents you from getting caught up on things like perfect edges, perfect braids, or frizz free tresses. The more natural the better, in your book and what's more natural than artistic imperfection?


Best Styles:

 Havana Twists (3 hours, lasts 8 weeks) 

Kinky Crochet (3 hours, lasts 5 weeks)

Faux Locks (3 hours, lasts 5 weeks)

Monroe_Miami Date Night.jpg
Girl with Braids_edited.jpg

11-20: Booked & Busy and Ain't Got the Time

If you scored between 11 and 20, this means you love looking great but not at the expense of what's really important-- family, work, and your time! You want structure, without the effort-- a style that gives you the freedom to not have to worry about your hair every weekend, let alone every morning. That also means you need a style that will last beautifully for at least a few weeks. 

  Best Styles:

Structured Up Do (3 hours, lasts 3 weeks)  

  Crochet Twists (3 hours, lasts 5 weeks) 

Crochet Curls (3 hours, lasts 5 weeks)

21-30: glam goddess

Scored between 21-30? Then you're a woman that knows exactly what you want and how you want it when it comes to beauty and style. You can capture a room with your beauty and you don't believe in a so-called "bad hair day". You need a hairstyle fitting for a queen. You want elegance an elegant, classic, clean look that makes people ask them selves - how the hell does she do it?

Best Styles:

Bantu Knot Curls (Sew-In , Wig, or Crochet; 3 hours, 4-8 weeks) 
Long Skinny Individual Twists (5-7 hours, 8 weeks)
Straight Sew-In or Wig (3 hours, 8 weeks)

Hair Model
Image by Simi Iluyomade

31-40: Bold and Beautiful

You've scored off the charts and your hair should absolutely match your bold sensibility. Your individuality won't allow you to follow the status quo. Let these head turning styles tell the world: You've never met a chick quite like me before!


  Best Styles:

Bob Cut Braids, Twists, or Locks (5 hours, 8 weeks)

Statement Afro Sew-In, Crochet, or Wig (2 hours, 8 weeks)

Fashion Color Braids, Twists, or Locks (8 hours, 8 weeks)

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